The Change Agent
"Experience is our best teacher."

When Tosha motivates, people listen.  She speak at Prisons, Universities, Conferences, Churches, Schools, Youth Facilities and many more places with the hopes of being a catalyst for change. 

Everyone can tell a story, but it is how you narrate the story that makes the difference.  When Tosha tells her story to inspire young men and women of this generation, she hides her tears with a smile and she brings you on a journey - her journey that she has often cried about. A journey that speaks volumes so loud that it awakens your soul. Tosha speaks from a place of transformation, compassion, authenticity and power. Tosha's voice will inspire you, make you challenge your worst fears and overcome obstacles as she candidly speaks her truth that reminds you that we all have a cross to bare, unfortunately, we do not get to choose that cross.
Tosha believes that when you understand what your "why" is, you can begin to accept what is taking place in your life.  While encouraging people to own their mistakes and take accountability for their actions, Tosha believes that anyone can be good at anything; that their abilities can be developed through dedication, perseverance, and the right strategy.

As she continues to empower, give hope to the hopeless and a voice to the voiceless, the mindset is shifting and transformation has started to take place.