the best-selling author & motivational speaker
Because society has never focused on a mother's life after her child has been incarcerated, Tosha decided to share a highly detailed journey of how she propelled through the physical and mental exhaustion of dealing with a dying mother and a prodigal son.  

Tosha convey authenticity, conviction and compassion when she speaks about her best-selling memoir- "Momma I Should Have Listened:  A Voice of Pain and Power.  The room shakes when she starts to tell the horrific and true story of her eldest son Blake who received 40 years in prison in the Texas State Penitentiary for Aggravated Robbery at the age of 17.  As she speaks with transparency, she gives her audience a descriptive view of the pain she endured all while disguising it with a vivacious smile and larger than life personality.  

Tosha now speaks from a place of power.  A power that has transformed many lives and shed a light in the darkness of the people who need it the most.

"If I can save another family from enduring the pain that my family went through, putting my life on full display was worth it."--Tosha

"I thought that the streets and my friends loved me, but soon realized that my mother loved me so much more."- Blake